Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Gettin' Windy With It

The wind has been fierce for the past couple of days. When we first arrived the weather was sunny but blustery and everyone spoke of the gorgeous spring weather we were having. I should have known that if 25 mph winds counted as gorgeous spring weather then we were going to be in for some mighty big gusts. Yesterday we drove to Lacken Bay, about 10 miles from our house, near the town of Killala. It’s a horseshoe shaped cove with a vast expanse of a fine sand beach. The boys had found pails and shovels in a closet here in the house and were eager dig and build kingdoms of sand. The wind seemed strong near our house and as we walked across Lacken Strand we experienced bone-shaking, teeth-whitening wind. We attempted cheerful play for about 20 minutes but realized we were being damn fools and so we packed up our bucket, shovels and grin and bear it attitudes and hustled back to the car.

Today the wind is even stronger. As I sit here in the house I feel like I’m on a boat, waves of wind crashing against the east wall of the house. The weather for the next few days is supposed to more of the same, with rain thrown in to spice things up. The upstairs bedroom has become a playroom for the boys since outside play isn’t so easy. They’ve dragged the mattresses off the beds, piled them up with pillows and blankets, and made it their fort/clubhouse/trampoline. If the weather stays rainy for days then my guess is that they’ll br dragging tables, chairs and the peat stove up there eventually.

In other news, Finn is intrigued by the swaps in names of things, crisps for chips, chips for fries, lorry for truck, etc. He’s decided that this means any word can be swapped for another and so each day contains several announcements along the lines of “Mom, you know what the word in Ireland is for “house”? “Tree!” and so on. Our brains are being rewired from driving and now from Finn’s Irish lexicon. I’ll come home turning in endless circles and babbling about needing to get back to my tree. Just pat me on the head and send me on my way.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, We're living (and loving) the vicarious life, following your adventures via your blog. Do you have a kite in a closet that will take 40 mph winds?? Will send an e-mail with info pertinent to May, and a list of DVDs appropriate to der kinder. Much love from the two of us, M & D

Heather said...

na na na na na NA.