Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Finn came home yesterday from school bursting with news: “Everyone in the class got a star today except for David. He didn’t get a star because he was [drop voice to horrified stage whisper here] bold.” I love hearing his language shift into the local lingo. Trash is now rubbish and check marks are ticks. One thing I hope he picks up is the word “craic”. It’s Irish for “good time” and it’s pronounced “crack”. I get to giggling when I hear it used. My favorite is when it’s used in the ad for the Volvo Round the World Ocean Race that’s going to be stopping over in Galway later this week. The voiceover announces, “There will be boats, music, food, games for the kids, and craic.” I usually turn to David and say “Honey, grab the kids, there serving up crack in Galway.”

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